Annecha Ludhra

My passion for Indian home-cooking stems from early childhood, when I lived within an extended family.

Born and raised in West London, I connect the food of my Punjabi heritage with fond memories of my

grandmother’s cooking and food stories. Being a home-cook, I have learnt everything from my two

grandmothers and mother - experienced cooks who never measure their ingredients and are natural feeders.

My cooking style is instinctive, relaxed and not formal or fancy! Through travelling and living abroad as part

of my degree in languages, I learnt to better appreciate how good food connects people of all generations

and cultures, and wanted to celebrate that.

So, although dadima’s literally translates as ‘grandmother’s’, my brand was born from a wider appreciation

for elders all around the world. It’s been a real privilege to share my writing and culinary journey on

BBC Radio, through cookery demos (including Padstow Christmas Festival) and in local schools and

community events. I currently live in Berkshire with my family, and I am really excited to share how I cook

a few of my favourite dishes at home. I hope you’ll enjoy watching and tasting!

Dadima’s: Celebrating Grandmother’s Wisdom Through Indian Cooking is available online via Amazon,

Waterstones and Foyles.