Kate Saunders

Set in the heart of the Berkshire countryside, Blackberry Cottage was founded by Kate Saunders.

Having trained as a Sports Massage Practitioner working with Olympic and Paralympic gold medallists it was whilst working with athletes’ that the idea came for Cakes with Secret Ingredients.  Food and nutrition has always been a hot topic of conversation and Kate has always had a passion for cooking and baking, however, it was It was actually one of Kates clients who was in despair over her child, who refused to eat any vegetables or even much fruit that put Blackberry Cottage into fruition.

Kate made some chocolate brownies with spinach, spinach being such a nutrient dense vegetable.  The challenge was to make the vegetable the biggest ingredient, after a lot of trial and error Kate came up with a winning recipe, and not only were they demolished by all children and parents, they were asking for more.

A few years later and after lots of pressure to bake more and more cakes, brownies and slices, Kate decided to give up working as a sports massage practitioner and turn what was an ever increasing hobby into a business.