HELLO! I’m Mrs Bun the Baker, enthusiastic about getting everyone in the kitchen, whipping up tasty goodies.

Your age doesn’t matter, 2 to 102 years old. Yes 2. They really CAN cook! 

I started teaching my son, when he was 18 months, he helped in the kitchen, creating his own recipes, with

many ingredients! Not always edible, but having fun. Parents, Grandparents and even Mr Bun are amazed at

what toddlers create in the Bun kitchen. Cheesy biscuits, chicken pies, fruity crumbles, pasta bakes and different

types of breads, toddlers can do it all.

Starting them young, exploring, tasting, messing around with food, can sometimes help the fussiest of eaters.

Cooking in the kitchen is helping them gain important life skills and experiences in the kitchen, which are

important for their development.

When in the kitchen, children learn and take in a lot more than just making the dish of the day. They learn to

count their numbers, measure, recognize shapes and colours, feel textures and create good hand eye

co-ordination and even do the washing up and cleaning up.

Overall though they have so much fun and are proud of their makes. Taking it home to show off what they

have made, and why not.  I’ve always said everyone can cook, each one looks a little different, more tomato

in one, different cutter, but at the end, it is their creation, they made it and they ooze confidence.

Watching toddlers who stay for a while, growing in independence, dexterity, confidence and saying ‘No Mummy,

I can do it’ is a proud moment for me too.

Each session costs £8 (normally £10) with a maximum of 10 children (of all ages) per sitting.

Session times:-

10:30 till 11:30 - Making Bonfire Bread and Smores

12:00 till 1:00 - Spooky Cakes

1:30 till 2:30 - Making Bonfire Bread and Smores

Book in advance to guarantee your place

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