Saira Hamilton

Saira is a chef and food writer best remembered as a finalist in MasterChef 2013.

She won high praise from judges John and Gregg for her Bengali-inspired food.

Saira was inspired by MasterChef to leave behind a 20 year career in law enforcement

and embark on her dream of a new vocation in food, launching her catering company

'small aubergine'. Saira cooks for private clients all over the country, hosts supper-clubs

and chef residencies and runs cookery masterclasses at several venues. 


Saira’s first cookbooks ‘Kitchen Favourites with Saira: Chilli, Ginger and Garlic’ were

published in February 2016. Saira is currently working on a new book of authentic

Bangladeshi cuisine (Anness Publishing) due to be released in March 2018. 


Saira a regular face on the food festival circuit and blogs at

You can watch her cooking on YouTube and follow her on Twitter & Instagram

@SairaHamilton and on Facebook as SairaHamiltonChef.